Safety & Waivers

Safety First!

Riders Should Always:

  • Be Alert of surface Conditions and Obstacles
  • Keep a Firm Grip on the Handlebar, legs loose, knees and elbows bent
  • Leave a Gap Between you and the Handlebar
  • Keep Your Feet Centered On the Mats
  • Practice Controlled Stopping
  • Use Caution when Riding Over a Threshold, Pavement, Grass, Dirt, and When Transitioning Between One Surface and Another
  • Maintain Tire Contact with the Ground
  • Inspect Your Personal Transporter Between each use

Riders Should Avoid:

  • Leaning Over or into the Handlebar. This will Increase Your Risk for Collision and Injury
  • Abrupt Maneuvers (starting, stopping, turning) While in Motion
  • Riding on Wet Surfaces that May Cause the Personal Transporter to Slip
  • Running into Objects, Walls, or Terrain that is Subject to Drastic Elevation Change. These Situations Increase your Risk for Collisions and Injury
  • Riding if the Personal Transporter is Damaged, Loose, or Not Functioning Properly
  • Wearing Loose Clothing or Jewelry that can get Caught

General Rules of Operation


  • Be Careful and Considerate of other People and Riders
  • Ride Under Control and at Speeds that are Safe for you and Others Around You
  • Respect and Keep a Safe Distance from Other People and Riders
  • Slow Down While Near Others
  • Move your Personal Transporter Out of the way and Off the Course When Not in Use

Never come in Contact with another Person or Rider/ Personal Transporter
All riders must wear closed toed shoes – no sandals!
All Riders Must be Over the Age of 12 Years of Age to Participate

Save some time!

Fill out your waiver at home and bring it with you for your next visit!